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Aim & Scope

AINSTIN (Association of International Science & Technology Individual)   is an International scientific research knowledge hub which is committed to provide a common global platform to utilize research knowledge among the researchers of various disciplines.

This ideal knowledge Hub is established to support scientists, researchers, and academicians, students around the globe to share their knowledge in terms of review article or their key findings in terms of research article or short communication through our journals Asian Pacific Journal of Pharmacy & Phytochemistry (APJPP), Asian Pacific Journal of Medical & Pharmaceutical Sciences (APJMP) and Asian Pacific Journal of Natural Products (APJNP).

AINSTIN is also aimed to build strong relationship among scientists, researchers, Professors and students from the field of Medical sciences, Pharmaceutical sciences, Biomedical Sciences and other Life sciences profession.

Ainstin  is committed  to distribute the research knowledge and publishes research findings in the form of original research articles, review articles, short communications  in the areas of  Pharmaceutical sciences (Includes Pharmacology,  Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biopharmaceutics, Phytochemistry, Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacognosy, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Clinical Pharmacy, Medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Natural products chemistry) and Medical sciences (Includes Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and allied health sciences, Pathology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Pharmacology & toxicology and Physiology) and other life sciences and biomedical sciences with strong emphasis on scientific quality and originality of contents. In addition to this AINSTIN also aims to organize the conferences, workshops, seminars and research and developmental scientific programme’s in and around the world in near future.

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